About Us


Two Ambulantes in pursuit of Awe to make the world better.

We are Millennials on denial, both currently cubicle-dwellers who have a passion for traveling. In a life story-telling mode, this travel and food blog will bring a unique perspective that is hard to find on the average travel sites. From where to stay to where to eat, we are always looking for something unique, affordable, and enjoyable.

Unlike many other travel blogs, we have not left everything behind to see the world. Not for lack of interest or enthusiasm, but because it’s not the right time. We are basically two professionals renting in a high-raise apartment in Washington DC, and owned by a small maltipoo named Domingo.

If you like adventurous experiences, and like to get the most of your travel experiences, then by all means follow this blog. Los Ambulantes* is a reflection of what we’ve seen with additional information on other things to do on these travel destinations, even if we ourselves didn’t get to them. We want to make travel accessible to everyone!

* An Ambulante is a traveler, itinerant. They wonder without a plan or a specific destination.

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The cover photo on the blog was taken in Cali, Colombia

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