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Help Puerto Rico: A List of Trusted Organizations Offering Aid

Every day I will collect information on the needs of the island and how you can help.

Last updated: 10/12/17  

The updates on this page are being provided by CENADORES PR, a group of Puerto Rican diaspora professionals in the U.S. The group Cenadores PR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They are constantly providing updates via Twitter and Facebook as well.

Don’t forget to visit our blog that specifically talks about how to help conservation efforts and stray animals on the island, Nature Lovers: Here is How Yoo Can Help Puerto Rico.

For information on non-monetary donations go to our post Donation Drop-Off Locations in the U.S. for Puerto Rico.

List of organizations fundraising for Puerto Rico

Use this list to find the right organization for you!

Casa Pueblo
Started in 1980, Casa Pueblo serves as a community, education, and outreach hub that advocates for sustainability in all of its forms. They are leading a solar lighting project in the town of Adjuntas while also maintaining communications in the mountain town through their local radio station.

You can send solar lights, chargers, and more to

Casa Pueblo
Apartado 704
Adjuntas PR 00601

World Central Kitchen
From Houston to Puerto Rico, Chef José Andrés and their Chef Network have stepped out of their kitchens and onto the front lines to use the power of food to support communities affected by natural disasters. Your donations will fund food, fuel, chef travel, and logistics.

World Central Kitchen is a registered 501c(3) organization. EIN: 27-3521132.

Light and Hope for Puerto Rico: A Citizen Campaign
This campaign is a grassroots concerned Puerto Rican citizen effort (under the stewardship of Salvador Gabriel – a 15-year-old moved to action in the face of the devastation around, Marta Michelle Colon, Ricardo Rivera, Jean Tirri, Juan Guillermo Herrans, Kichi Beauchamp, Carlos Dalmau). Citizens are taking the power into their own hands, and responding to conditions they are seeing on the ground first hand. The campaign is supported by friends of C+Feel = Hope ( Brad Israel, Hollis Meminger, Jill Van den Brule and many more). Solar Sister and their partners like d.light are providing technical guidance and outreach support for ensuring that quality solar solutions reach the Puerto Ricans in need.

Providing solar powered lights, mobile phone chargers, and hand-powered washers, we can create an immediate positive impact for thousands of families affected by Hurricane Maria. For every $100, they can provide solar light, mobile phone charger and non-electric portable washing solution for a Puerto Rican family in need.

Americas for Conservation + the Arts
They are collecting donations for sustainable farmers and projects that need to get back to growing healthy food. More than supplies, they need long-term sustainability!

The Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund
This fundraising is being organized by Taller Salud, Popular Democracy in Puerto Rico, and Caño Martín Peñain Puerto Rico. Funds will be used to support immediate relief, recovery and equitable rebuilding in Puerto Rico for low-income communities of color hit hardest by the storm. The fund will support organizations working with these communities.

Solidarity Brigade in Puerto Rico (West Coast)
This is an opportunity to send direct help to the island: This registry was created in order to provide people in Puerto Rico with some essential articles in this time of desperate need. Puerto Rico is directly in the path of the strongest Hurricane to hit the island in almost a century. The articles donated will be sent directly to relief worker volunteers located in the town of Mayaguez, which is expecting the least damage from the Hurricane. These workers will work together to assess the particular needs of the communities and provide resources to those who need it the most. The address that comes up for the registry is: Christine Diez Correa’s Gift Registry Address. This is the community organizer in charge of collecting the supplies, it will be shipped to the address where they will receive and store the items to then distribute them.
Paypal account: libreysoberana@gmail.com
Paypal account: Vah23@wildcats.unh.edu

Mayagüez: Eury Orsini
Calle Mariano Abril 101A
Barrio Buena Vista
Mayagüez, PR 00680

Sabana Grande: César Atresino
Colinas de Villa Rosa
Calle F casa B-48
Sabana Grande, PR 00637

Sagrado Corazón University
Mentes Puertorriqueñas en Acción and other Puertorican nonprofits have teamed up with Universidad del Sagrado Corazón to create a support center for its students, the town of Santurce, and other marginalized communities that need immediate help.  Its support center, named Sagrado Contigo, receives nonmonetary donations at the University.  Monetary donations are also encouraged through their Banco Popular account or Paypal.  For more information go to www.sagrado.edu/sagradocontigo/.

POC: Vanessa Lugo, vlugoflores@yahoo.com787-502-5670

You can send material donations to

Calle Rosales Esquina San Antonio Parada 26 1/2
Santurce , P.R. 00907

Hispanic in Philanthropy Fund
Collectively the PR Foundations Network has vetted and funded hundreds of community-based nonprofits working in Puerto Rico. Hispanics in Philanthropy has created a fund to earmark resources to go directly to this network that best knows the short and long-term needs for getting the island on its feet.  (https://hipgive.org/project/hurricane-relief-fund/)

Puerto Rican National Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber will also match every donation given.
Email: donate@nprchamber.org for local organizations that accept donations.  

NY Mayor’s Fund
Donate: nyc.gov/donate and HispanicFederation.org/donate.
You can also text “unidos” to 41444.

Ciencia Puerto Rico
Are you a scientist? Well, maybe you would like to help the scientific community through Ciencia Puerto Rico! If you are outside of Puerto Rico, on this page you will find a registry to provide assistance to scientists and students impacted by the hurricane; vetted ways of donating and contributing; opportunities for medical and technical volunteersNIH and NSF disaster guidelines; and other ideas of how you can help with the recovery.

If you are a student in Puerto Rico and need to request help, you can complete their help request form online.

Univ. of PR Alumni and Friends Abroad (UPRAA)
UPRAA has established a Disaster Relief Fund for Puerto Rico to offer all alumni and Friends Abroad an opportunity to donate.  All funds collected will be channeled to the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration’s United for Puerto Rico relief efforts.

Center for a New Economy
The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is an independent, non-partisan think-tank that advocates for the development of a new economy for Puerto Rico. You can donate to their Puerto Rico Relief Fund if you are interested in this organization based in PR.

Ricky Martin for Puerto Rico
Dear friends, Puerto Rico is going through one of the toughest times in history, and the island desperately needs us. Hurricane Maria left devastating damage leaving thousands of people affected.  For this reason, I decided to create this page to collect funds to provide the basic needs and rebuild all that was lost. My donation of $100,000 is already in, and I know I can count on your support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable and much-needed contribution. – Ricky Martin

Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico
The Club has established a fund to provide basic needs and repair their facilities which serve as community centers for different towns. http://www.bgcpr.org, 787-216-8406. 

Puerto Ricans in Action
A growing coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses in the greater Los Angeles Puerto Rican community have started a crowdfunding Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund that will benefit several local PR organizations such as ConPRmetidos, Iniciativa Comunitaria, and Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico. Their campaign ends on October 7. 

Monica Puig
The Puerto Rican Olympic tennis player Monica Puig has started a crowdfunding campaign Help Rebuild Puerto Rico. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

JJ Barea Foundation 
JJ Barea Foundation is an entity that was created to coordinate and facilitate the contributions that Dallas Mavericks player José Juan Barea and his group manage in order to use sport as a tool for social transformation. They have started a crowdfunding campaign Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Relief Fund to collect donations. 

Puerto Rico por Puerto Rico #PRxPR 
I got an email from Jorge Silva-Puras who is also working with the PR diaspora, including Maria Celeste Arrarás and Carmen Báez. The #PrxPR campaign will use 100% of the donations to the most affected communities. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@PRxPRorg).

All donations to the Maria & Irma: Puerto Rico Real-time Recovery Fund will exclusively support the victims of the catastrophic Hurricane María and Irma in Puerto Rico and provide relief and aid the communities affected by this disaster. The funds will be used first for immediate needs of food, shelter and water and then transition to long-term recovery efforts.

ConnectRelief is coordinated by Caras, an NGO located in Puerto Rico. Caras created, developed, implemented and validated the concept based on past experiences in post-disaster Guatemala, Haiti, Mississippi and Puerto Rico. I don’t know them, but I was just on a call with very trustworthy Puerto Ricans who said they trust them 100%.

Friends of Puerto Rico
Friends of Puerto Rico (FPR) has launched the Hurricane Maria Relief Fund that will allow individuals to make donations to help rebuild Puerto Rico after the most devastating storm to Friends of Puerto Rico is partnering with the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club and will work with faith-based organizations to provide aid to special projects and most affected areas. FPR is a  charitable organization approved by the IRS and the Government of Washington, DC. We also are also a certified non-profit organization by Facebook and Google.


Volunteering Opportunities

Orlando, FL Residents

The nonprofit Feeding Children Everywhere is hosting a month-long food packaging campaign and is looking for volunteers to pack over 4 million meal kits to take to FEMA.

Orange County Convention Center – North Concourse (NA2)
9400 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32819

Weekdays: 10am – 9pm
Weekends: 8am – 9pm


The best way to register as a medical volunteer is through the Department of Health and Human Services. There are three programs managing volunteers:

  1. Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP) – you can sign up through your state’s Department of Health or by emailing esarvhp@hhs.gov
  2. Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) – MRC is a national network of volunteers, organized locally to improve the health and safety of their communities and  accepts all types of volunteers
  3. National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) – a federally coordinated healthcare system and partnership of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Homeland Security (DHS), Defense (DOD), and Veterans Affairs (VA). They provide disaster relief training and coordinate recovery efforts during a crisis. Find out more about their Disaster Medical Assistance Teams.

We also encourage you to check out National VOAD, an association of organizations that mitigate and alleviate the impact of disasters. You can sign up to volunteer, even if your role is not as a healthcare specialist.

Engineers Needed!

Looking for engineers, scientists, technicians, and workers to rebuild the island. They are gathering names and technical expertise here. At the moment they are looking for local non-profits to collaborate with. So please leave your name and information on that link.

Tech experts needed

People in the diaspora with a tech-related background who want to donate their expertise are encouraged to fill out the Maria Tech Recovery Effort form. This form is being managed by a group organizing through Startups of Puerto Rico who will work to connect key people on the ground in PR with the best talent in the diaspora. In order to partner effectively, they are using the form to create an “inventory” of talent that can be leveraged to help stand up services and share resources. 

Lawyers are NeededPuerto Rican Bar Association

The PRBA encourages our members and colleagues to volunteer to provide legal assistance. Spanish-speaking attorneys are needed, but all are welcomed and appreciated.We are in the process of developing a Hotline for victims in need of legal assistance and will provide more information. For information contact: puertoricanbarny@gmail.com

Legal aid provides the calm after the storm. After the storm subsides and the water recedes the exhaustion of survival will be met by the harrowing realization that their journey back to normalcy is only just beginning.  The daunting work of putting their lives back together will require interaction with myriad governmental agencies and private businesses in order to interpret their rights to services and financial assistance. After a disaster, Legal Aid helps put lives back together by providing:

  • Assistance with securing FEMA and other benefits available to disaster survivors
  • Assistance with life, medical and property insurance claims
  • Help with home repair contracts and contractors
  • Replacing wills and other important legal documents destroyed in the disaster
  • Assisting in consumer protection matters, remedies, and procedures
  • Assisting with mortgage/foreclosure and landlord/tenant problems

You can help make a difference in assisting victims of the flood to regain their homes, their financial stability, and their lives. Please donate to the to assist Puerto Ricans in need of these essential services.

Red Cross

Folks interested in assisting on the ground can also sign up to volunteer with the Red Cross through the online volunteer application. This form is specifically for PR and Florida volunteers.

Fundraising Events by City

Update coming soon


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  1. Betsie Cruz-Morales

    Thank you so much, this is very helpful!

    • You are very welcome! Stronger together!

      • Saludos Verónica soy Puertorriqueña y mis hijos y mi mamá están en Arecibo, aún no se de ellos, vivo en Carolina del Norte, y quiero recolectar para mi Isla, pero no se que contactos buscar aquí, ya que llevó sólo un año en este Estado. Y por otro lado, en PR, yo trabaje para Fema pero aquí no se como hacer para buscar una organización donde yo pueda ser útil ya que soy Trabajadora Social con 20años de experiencia en situaciones de Crisis.

        • Lydia Rodriguez

          Need this in English!! I’m from P R but came here when I was six and was raised in a Chicago orphanage. I do not speak Spanish.

          • Greetings, Veronica. I am Puerto Rican, and my children and mother are in Arecibo, though I haven’t heard from or about them yet. I live in North Carolina, and I want to collect (donate, help) my island, but I don’t know what contacts to look for here. I have only been in this state for a year. And on the other hand, in PR, I worked for FEMA, but here, I do not know how to look for an organization where I can be useful. I am a social worker with 20 years of experience in crisis situations.

          • Yaritza´s message in english below. I hope this helps. My prayers go out to everyone affected in PR:

        • Hola Yaritza, escribí su mensaje en inglés. Español no es mi primara lengua, pero yo entendí su mensaje, y quiero ayudar compartir su mensaje. Espero que sus hijos y mamá estan bien. ¿Usted sabe Zello? Es un app, y mucha gente esta hablando y ayudando encontrar familia en PR usando este app.

  2. Is Amazon able to make deliveries to you if we use the Amazon registry?

    • I would not do that just yet. The airport starts operating this Saturday, so I am assuming shipments will start coming then. Let’s wait and see.

      • Thank you. This will be helpful for things we may want to send to relatives. I have a 95 year old aunt living with an uncle who is almost as old. They are thankfully well and they have running water but they aren’t too mobile so sending things directly to them would feel very comforting to us. I’ll keep on eye on when they start deliveries.

    • Donating money is usually a better route (I know it doesn’t seem as personable, but it really is) so whatever they need they can get instead of an over abundance of left over supplies, clothes, etc. 🙂

    • I sent a package of batteries from Amazon prime 2 1/2 wks ago along with some battery power fans from Academy Sports for my family and they still haven’t recieved it. I believe when I tracked is still in the main land! The post office is still not in work.

  3. How can i send idams down to Puerto Rico from Louisiana… my name is Ariana

    • I haven’t heard from any events in Louisiana, but stay tuned and if I see anything, I’ll add it here.

  4. Any information about Habitat for Humanity Puerto Rico chapter?

    • Not yet. Waiting to communicate with them. I am also waiting to get a list of items that small shelters will need.

  5. Yviand Serbones-Hernandez

    The Association of Puerto Ricans in San Antonio is collecting the following to send to PR: baby and adult diapers, baby food and formula, batteries, mosquito repellent and first aid kits. https://www.facebook.com/APRISA.2009/

    • Thanks! I have a friend in Texas that was asking. I will share this information.

  6. Thank ou very much for this page. I’m in San Francisco, helpless like everybody else waiting for precious word from my family and friends. Ready to do my part…

  7. Im in Germany and would like to start a fund raiser of some sort. How do I go about this?

    • I think the best you can do is select one of these organizations that you like the most and start a facebook fundraising campaign for them. You can also try to do a fundraiser at a local restaurant or bar.

    • julie skoler

      Here are 2 good funds and I have researched that they are trusted organizations.

      1) ConPRmetidos: This real-time recovery fund is a crowdfunding vehicle to support the island’s recovery. 100% of the funds will be used for relief efforts and materials. They will provide immediate needs like food, water and shelter to the people as well as assist in long-term recovery efforts/ relief, such as rebuilding houses according to safety codes or giving energy generators for common areas in disconnected communities.


      2) Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund: This fund is in the frontline doing the work. It is governed by organizations like Puerto Rico-based Taller Salud and other local, grassroots organizations and will support organizations working with these hardest hit communities in Puerto Rico.


  8. julie skoler

    Do you think that when the airport opens usps will start service again? What, if anything, do you know about that? I want to send some items to friends and family.

    • I don’t know anything about usps at the moment. What I can tell you is that most roads are blocked, so it is best to wait and see what they say. Where in PR is your family? If they are in San Juan I think you will be able to ship them things soon, if they are in the middle of the island, it will be more difficult until they clean the roads.

      • sonia atria

        Sabes algo del expressway de San Juan a Caguas, es transitable?

  9. Thank you so much for all the info here…much appreciated!!!

    • Share away! We are already seeing results in some of the campaigns 🙂

  10. For those of us that don’t have a major city near by where do we send our donations?

    • Can you tell me the city or state that you are referring to? I can do more research.

  11. Katerina Fleming

    Anything from tampa?

    • Yes! We got a few leads I am just waiting for the team to confirm that they are all legitimate. Stay tuned!

      • If you scroll up on this page it says Donation Events by city and has a google map with the locations. I saw this earlier on a website called Diasporicans **PLEASE CHECK IF THIS ONE IS LEGIT but it says one of them is at Tampa Executive Airport, http://www.skyportaviation.com (813) 626-1515 ***** NOT TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT***** I did read an article about some of the commercial flights OUT OF TIA are taking necessities as well as people who are going for relief efforts but the supplies they take will be used for the flight crews and the relief workers and there families, I just want to make sure the things I have been collecting got STRICTLY to Puerto Rico and to the people living there through this devastation. my prayers are with them all!!

        • I checked and they are very legit. I am talking to people who are on the team updating it. However, I do thank you for your concern and this is why this page and comments are open. We need to make these organizations accountable and besides having a whole team vetting these, I need people like you to always keep us on check!

  12. FYI, the Monica Puig info has the same title as JJ Barea’s. The title needs to be updated. Just wanted to point that out. 🙂

    • I fixed that 🙂 The page was crashing yesterday because all of the visitors and some of the info was messed up. But it is all good today!

  13. How r who can I contact to find out about the town of LAJAS my sister is there.

  14. Or can u tell me did lajas GT hit bad as THE HURRICCANE WAS EXITING..

  15. Can you tell me if theirs any drop off locations in Florida?

    Thank you,

  16. Angel Cardona

    Saludos! Excelente pagina!! Quiero empezar un fundraiser en Atlanta con mi equipo de balonmano y quiero asegurarme de tener una organización de confianza al cual le pueda hacer llegar el dinero y lo pongan en buen uso. Thoughts?

    Pienso que si tengo la organización identificada, pueda que tenga mejor éxito cuando recuade fondos y presente mi caso.

    Otra opcion que se me ocurre es conseguir a algun contacto en Atlanta para enviar algun vagon/vuelo/paquetes desde Atlanta y organizar un drive desde aca (en la lista que tienes arriba no vi nada en Atlanta y creo que desde aqui podemos ayudar!!)

    • Hasta ahora no tengo nada de Atlanta, pero sigue mirando el spreadsheet que aparece en uno de los links de arriba que a lo mejor sale algo. Pendiente que si veo algo te aviso!

  17. I’m living in Kansas, and would love to help my island. Thanks for the information, and I hope that those organizations
    really use the donations to help the island.

    • Laura, thank you for your help!! You and me both have the same concern. This is why I am working with a team to check on these organizations and I will try to get reports on how the money helped. I promise you I will do my best to keep everyone accountable. But I know they will!

  18. I am trying to do a Community event here at the University of Minnesota. I am planning to sell tostadas de tinga and with that money collections from the sells, I will have a person designate to be in-charge to put the money towards a trustworthy organization their in Puerto Rico.

    • Thanks for your efforts! There are two events happening in Minneapolis already. Let me wait for the team to get more information and then I’ll post it here. Maybe you can join efforts!!

  19. Awesome post! Kuddos!

  20. Osvaldo Cintron

    New York people!!!!!

    Puerto Rico needs food and materials for our people. Please help in any way you can. The devastation is heartbreaking.

    The following locations have generously agreed to serve as drop off locations for Hurricane Maria relief supplies:

    MANHATTAN: Casabe Senior Houses 121st St and Lexington Ave. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.

    BRONX: El Maestro, Inc. on Southern Blvd.
    Take #5 to Freeman Street. Mon-Fri, 2-8pm.

    BROOKLYN: Paul’s Parish Hall 334 South 5th St. Sunday, 1-5pm.

  21. Can you tell us if the people in orocove can’t be reached because of the roads how can we ship them the idems that are needed?

    • I have a friend giving updates on Orocovis. People are starting to communicate. At the moment I don’t think shipments will get there. hopefully I will have a USPS update soon!

  22. Do you know if Aguadilla is in bad condition? All i see is info about SanJuan. My family is in Aguadilla and i would like to send stuff there.

  23. There are 2 gofundme accounts set up forVieques.
    ViequesLove and ViequesStrong
    Vieques Humane Society and Vieques Island Animal Sanctuary will Aldo need help.

    • Kathy Sweeney

      THANK YOU for this info – I am worried and concerned about the Vieques Animal Sanctuary which I have supported before and hadn’t seen anything about it until your post! I pray that the owner is ok and all her animals and volunteers! I know they needed a lot of things before Maria- to help with repairs from Irma, plus ongoing food donations for the animals etc.

    • I am also very concerned about animal shelters!! Can you send me the links to these initiatives?

      • Kathy Sweeney

        I would like the links as well. i only know of the ongoing one from 2016 (https://www.gofundme.com/help-rebuild-shelters-at-vieques-island-animal-santuary), to help w. rebuilding and supplies, animal food etc. but i haven’t seen any updates or recent info on any Go fund Me. Not having any communication from the owner I don’t even know if she is able to receive any donations or pick up any supplies. We are all concerned about the animal rescue groups and their needs, and ongoing dire situation of the animals in PR, as well as the people and families.

    • Kathy Sweeney

      Can you leave the links for these- have you been able to hear any news as yet? There has been no communication from Vieques Animal Sanctuary owner (Wendy Price). I am very concerned.

  24. Kathy Hiatt

    Is there an organization who helps to locate loved ones? I am trying to find a sister, Irma Sanchez from Ponce.

    • Kathy, you and I are on the same boat. All I can say is use the information we wrote above on finding family members and just keep checking el nuevo dia. At this point almost every town has a facebook page to update people on their loved ones. i would do a search.

  25. Carmen Elena

    Great info. At least two groups in Miami. Here is one:
    🔴🔴🔴South Florida friends – please share or copy/paste! 🔴🔴🔴
    The Puerto Rico Relief Committee in Miami is announcing that the following items are urgently needed in Puerto Rico:
    1. Non-perishable food goods
    2. Baby Food and diapers
    3. New baby clothes
    4. Batteries
    5. Medical Supplies
    6. Water

    The following are collection points in our area:
    Isla Del Encanto Restaurant
    12850 SW 120th Street
    Miami, FL 33186
    Friday 12 noon through 10 p.m.

    Ana G. Mendez University
    15201 NW 79th Court
    Miami Lakes, FL 33016
    Friday: 3p.m. – 7 p.m.
    Saturday: 10 a.m. 0 5 p.m.
    Sunday : 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    Mana Wynwood Warehouse
    225 NW 2nd Avenue
    Miami, FL 33127
    Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Ay Bendito Food Truck
    9225 SW 137th Avenue
    Miami, FL 33196
    Sunday: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

    In Broward County:
    Casa Borinquen
    6519 Taft Street 33024
    Hollywood, FL 33024
    Saturday: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

    • Are thee on the map above? If not, please contact the author and tell them to add this important information!!

  26. Do you know of any fundraiser in NYC?

    • Two TV stations are having a teleton this weekend. Also, please don’t forget the plight of the satos in PR. The Sato Project and the like groups need help too! Animal items for the pets also.

      • A lot of the United for Puerto Rico collections here in DC are also asking for animal items. Save a Gato is mentioned above! Animals ARE important!

  27. Any word on animal shelters and their donations? Thanks in advance!!!!

  28. Look into DefendPR and JuventudPR

  29. Limarys Torres

    Do you Know if Arizona is collecting items for PR.

    • Lymaris, if so, it should be on the map above. Let me know if you don’t see anything! We can create something.

  30. Diane Ortiz

    This is awesome! Thank you! Do you know how I could ship collected emergency supplies?

    • This question is being asked a lot and I have to say I am not sure. Most of the collections I know are working with United for Puerto Rico who DO have a way to get stuff there. I will soon post a FAQ that will have this answer!

      • Mary "Tata" Noney

        I was able to make contact with my sister in San Juan. She & my mom are OK, but I need to find out where they can go for help. My mom is 91yrs old with breathing problems & uses a machine for her servere apnea. They are in need of a generator plus supplies.

  31. They live in Barranquitas. Karla Burgos lives in Barrio Barrancas. Annette Torres Barrio Palo Hincado..please tell them to get incontact with..Annie Burgos they call me Annie Please how do I find out if they are ok, and need any thing I am going crazy

  32. Richard C Fernholz

    It seems to me that the fastest way to reestablish power would be to use small, stand-alone solar panel powered units. These units would consist of a rack that can stand on the ground, a solar panel or panels, a deep-cycle battery or batteries, a charge controller, and an inverter. These units could be deployed in any type of area, either outlying or urban, and provide power for LED lights, a radio, a small water pump or whatever is needed. A large unit could even run necessary hospital equipment. These units could be assembled either on-site or pre-assembled and flown in for a plug-and-play solution. The bottom line is that these units could be put into operation very quickly by motivated people.

    Please pass this idea on to any groups that would be interested in and capable of realizing such a solution.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you. I completely agree with you and have been hearing this recommendation here and there but am not aware of an organized effort to accomplish this. Please follow up if you hear of anything and I will do same.

  33. Estamos en Indiana y deseamos saber si existe algun grupo disponible en nuestra zona para recaudar fondos y/o materiales

    • Magdalena, de haber alguna, debe estar en el mapa de arriba. Si no esta me avisa!

  34. https://www.facebook.com/events/2023320151224260/?ti=cl

    We are having a donation drive in Portland Oregon all weekend!

  35. julie skoler

    Saludos, les escribo con una idea y con un mensaje importante.
    Acabo de enganchar con mi amigo Carlos R. Bellavista Rolón del Search & Rescue de Fort Buchanan. La situación aún es delicada, sobre todo para los pueblos del norte cuyos ríos desde Ciales a Utuado se salieron del cauce. Dicho eso, aún hay mucha gente en techos, MUCHOS!
    Aquí la idea, yo puedo coordinar através de el o con el Director de Manejo de Emergencias en PR. Tenemos que comprender que el gobierno no va a dar abasto para rescatar y asegurar la vida de tantas personas en un corto lapso, ellos están haciendo todo lo que pueden al máximo y arrriesgando su propia vida. El pronóstico de lluvia continúa y el caudal aún ruge.
    1. Algún pana, conocido, vecino que tenga guaguas escolares intactas? Que voluntariamente pueda al menos proveer una. 40-50 personas.
    Para organizar un equipo de cueveros, rock climbers, cañonistas, guías de excursiones, expertos en rappelling, en espacios cerrados, rescate y búsqueda. SÓLO PERSONAS ADIESTRADAS, con equipo, sierra, sogas, carabineros, GPS, radios, etc…
    Una vez se coordine con el gobierno las vías aseguradas, se puede hacer un plan para asistir como unidad móvil anexada a manejo de emergencias, con tareas específicas.
    2. Quisiera que las personas que son los duros en ésto en el area recreativa y/o profesional alcen su voz, yo les pido que hoy si están bien y sanos se levanten y se nos unan.
    3. Le hago un llamado a la comunidad de Vista Mar, Carolina. Si a usted le queda algún bote de bass fishing los necesitamos en el NORTE, POR FAVOR, únasenos si usted puede y si los suyos están bien.
    4. A la comunidad obrera de farmacéuticas en PR, cuales están adiestrados en todos los SOP de espacios cerrados y mantenimiento con uso de sogas, body arrest, extracción, entre otros. Únasenos.
    5. Una persona que me ayude a hacer un excel spreadsheet en google drive y que administre la data, horario, información de los voluntarios, tareas, entre otros.
    Una vez más públicamente emplazo a los compas del deporte extremo, si usted está sano, vamos a hacer un movimiento cónsono. Considere abrir su tienda, si este equipo se forma, de ser necesario más equipo, jamás le faltará ningún cliente.
    Rocaliza Adventure Tours
    Ruta Nativa
    Adventure Discovery Puerto Rico
    Canyoning Puerto Rico
    Aventuras Tierra Adentro
    Acampa Store
    Asociacion de Escaladores de Puerto Rico (A.E.P.R.I.)
    PuertoRico Climbing
    Climbing Puerto Rico
    ClimbingLife Guides
    La Tribu Contribuye
    Para la Naturaleza
    Federación Espeleológica de América Latina y el Caribe (FEALC)
    Toroverde Puerto Rico
    Radio Isla 1320
    NotiUno 630
    Univisión Noticias
    The Home Depot
    Ferretería Maderas 3C
    Agencia Estatal Para El Manejo De Emergencias
    Policía de Puerto Rico
    94.7 Hits FM
    Cualquier grupo que se me haya quedado, por favor déjamelo saber, copia y pégalo en tu muro. Recuerda que al compartilo, copia directamente a la radio y a la prensa oprimiendo la tecla shift y subsecuente el #2 del teclado para dirigir el “tag”.
    Me puedes escribir directamente a mi correo:
    magic jack: 239-205-5450
    facebook messenger

  36. Great info here, thank you for sharing. We are trying to provide clean drinking water to PR via our KOHLER Clarity filter system. We are currently working with FEMA and local NGO’s, but if you have any contacts within the Govt or NGO’s, please let us know. Thanks! h2oww.com

  37. Ana Maria Vidal

    Fundación Banco Popular’s Abraza a Puerto Rico

  38. The Community Foundation of Puerto Rico is also a legitimate organization that will also be organizing assistance to Puerto Rico’s communities following the hurricane Maria disaster. You might want to list them also on your website. Their link is https://www.fcpr.org/

  39. Madeline Almodovar

    How are supplies being shipped?

  40. Yadier Molina also has a GoFundMe account going at: https://www.gofundme.com/pray4prteammolina4pr?pc=wa_co_dashboard_a&rc

  41. Univision stated that airlines began flying in and out on a limited scale. AA and Jet Blue are two of them. NY”s governor already flew in to PR with supplies. Still no Trump, though. Once the donations get to PR and are warehoused, how do they get them to families? How can families get to a distribution center with the roads the way they are. I would like to know how things are getting to our people that need help. Anyone knows?

  42. Glenn Dominguez

    Any groups in Broward county, Fl? I would like to help in any way I can. I can donate two generators and money.

  43. Marilyn Mercado Vivas

    Por favor estoy tratando de obtener información de mi hermano, José Antonio Mercado Vivas (Ché) trabaja para el municipio. También mi tía, Nereyda Mercado Quiles y su esposo Juan Heredia González, de Las Palmas. Díganle llame a Mari. Estoy muy preocupada. Mando mensajes y llamo y nada. También Melisa Román y Adrián José Mercado Román de Ángeles.

  44. Can i share your site in flyers?

  45. Once the rebuilding begins are there plans for public school supply donations for the kids ?

  46. Sorry if repost received error on first try,
    Please pass on to your contacts that someone, either PR gov’t or an NGO, needs to set up a shipping location for donations. Many of us in the diaspora do not live in major metro areas so getting to a donation drop off is not feasible. I will be shipping supplies to my family members once they figure out what they need. There are others I would like to help also. If I order through Amazon Prime, it will get there in 5-7 days and Amazon will pay the shipping. Things donated at these collection points will take a while to get there. Think of the logistics of shipping a container from Seattle, Portland or Minneapolis. I am not criticizing those efforts, But for people like me(I live in NW Wisconsin) this is not a viable alternative.

  47. Jocelyn Melendez

    Medical personnel? What kind is needed and how do they go about volunteering?

  48. They Need Laborers to Help with Electricity…Send Laborers PLEASE!!!

  49. William Caddigan

    My niece just heard from her in laws in Arecibo, that are all ok! Thank God. What is the best way to help them from where we are?

    • I hear USPS opens tomorrow!! check their webpage to see if they can get to Arecibo.

  50. Giselle Quintero

    I am a psychiatric social worker/ bilingual & would like to know how I can volunteer in PR. Also how I can get info on Levittown, PR. Thank everyone for their compassion & assistance!!!

    • I think you will be useful with the RedCross. Check the info on the volunteering opps above!

      • Pointing out the obvious

        red cross isn’t a trusted company given how many times they’ve been busted misappropriating funds. That’s likely why they’re not on here.

  51. Need info on a collection site in Atlanta, Georgia

    • Jacklyn, I see a few on the map. Let me know if you have trouble using it and I can talk to my tech team.

  52. Rosario Delgado-Lecaroz

    Is there any way we can find where the supplie are going to. My family is running out of water and my friend of food, can I make a specific donation to them. They can coordinate to get to the airport.
    Please let me know. PErhaps a place where community coordinators are.

    • Rosario, we hear you! many people have emailed me asking for water, so I posted a list of available oasis on our facebook page. See https://www.facebook.com/ambulantesx2/ to find the list. It’s a photo album.

      I hear USPS starts working tomorrow though. Check their page to see if they can get to your family.

  53. Don’t forget bugspray in the donations you are sending or dropping off! With all that water, PR is going to be in serious danger of an increase in mosquito population that carry Dengue, ChickV and other diseases! Many lists of items needed have not included that item! Lots of bug repellent! Dengue and chikungunya can seriously hurt people stressed by the existing conditions and by chronic illness. Aspirin, ibuprofen also, I am going to the Dollar Tree and get a bunch of stuff to drop off at Yerbabruja Theater in Central Islip, Long Island. They are receiving today and tomorrow.

    • This is a good one! Thank you. i will spread the word. Thank you for your support!!!

  54. Clean the World is also distributing soap and hygiene kits. Find out more: cleantheworld.org/relief

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  58. Hi Verónica, thank you for what you are doing! Could you please add Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico to the list.

    • Do you have info on specific fundraising they are doing? I am focusing on the small animal shelters because they are the first ones to run out of food.

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  60. Teresa Brito

    Amazing VERONICA , you are doing a wonderful job!!! Thanks!!!

  61. julie skoler

    see my response below to Veronica and Frances medina. I replied in the wrong place.

  62. Pingback: Here’s How You Can Help People Affected By Hurricane Maria – EbomNews

  63. Marisol Gómez

    Gracias desde SanJuan. Este es un grupo coordinado y recogiendo ayudas desde Alabama. La persona detrás de este esfuerzo se llama Carhy Cartagena


  64. Marisela Santiago

    Hi there! Thanks so much for this. NYC Mayor’s office and Hispanic Federation are co-sponsoring goods drive (diapers, batteries, feminine hygiene products, baby food and first aid supplies). Dropoff points are firehouses all over the five boroughs listed here: ww1.nyc.gov. I second the call to list The Sato Project in PR as an animal relief orgfor donations. I’ve supported them for yeas and they do amazing work and their shelter was destroyed. Thanks!

  65. Albizu University Miami Campus will proudly serve as a drop off zone starting Saturday, September 23. 9am-2pm. Monday to Friday 10am-6pmWe will rebuild Puerto Rico together! https://www.gofundme.com/albizu-univ-puerto-rican-relief

    • Let us know if you don’t see that on the map above. Email the organizer (email is on the link) and let them know they should add this drop off.

  66. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/de-blasio-malliotakis-nyc-aid-hurricane-maria-recovery-article-1.3513928 Also, you did not mention, in NYC, Major DeBlasio has set up designated firehouses throughout all five boroughs of NYC as drop off points Hurrican Maria Puerto Rico, for emergency baby food items, batteries, sanitary wipes, can foods, and first aid kits that people can drop off. I gave you the link above, for reference. The drop off is only for 9/25/17 and 9/26/17, per the article. This was announced on Channel 7 eyewitness News and other local new agencies.

  67. Also, I did not mention, thanks for posting this page because we all need to do something and there many in the mainland US who love the people of PR and US Virgin Island and want a way to help….keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Ed, for caring about our island and the people of Puerto Rico. now, more than ever, we need solidarity.

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  70. Hi. You mention that “United for Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3)”, but wanted to confirm where you got this information from. I’m interested in donating through them, but I can’t find any document from them where they state they are 501c3.

  71. I am living in Lincoln, Nebraska and I am desperate to help my homeland. I am wondering how and where people or organizations are sending supplies like diapers, batteries, first aid, etc. that they gather locally. There isn’t anything happening locally and I am looking to start a drive here.

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  73. Hello, thank you for what you are doing. I am looking for an organization that will be able to receive items for Puerto Rico. I am trying to get together an Amazon page to buy solar powered chargers and other battery operated equipment to send to Puerto Rico. Don’t want to send individual shipments. I want the times to be distributed to people in need. But I am having trouble finding an organization that can be the recipient of shipments and can deliver them to most in need. Do you have any suggestions? I’m in DC but people that I know that want to donate these items are everywhere around the country which is why we need a central ship to address. Thanks so much for any help you can give.

  74. Hi. We are a small nonprofit named the Hispanic Brotherhood, Inc. We are collecting items to be sent to Puerto Rico. We are located in Nassau County, Long Island. Our address is 59 Clinton Avenue, Rockville Centre. We are working along with other Hispanic nonprofits in the area to get supplies to PR. If anyone who is local would like to drop anything off (we are not taking $), we will make sure it gets to those in need.

    Thank you!

    • Hi, I am in the process of collecting donations and wanted more information as to how your organization will be distributing the needed supplies to Puerto Rico. Thank you. I would like to collaborate but would like more information.

  75. More resources for folks with family and friends in the Virgin Islands?? I love PR, but lived on St. Croix for many years and would like to help my friends that are still on island. They too are out of food!! and I heard the airport won’t open on St. Croix until Friday….

  76. There are drop off locations throughout Brevard Cou ty Fl – Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach.

  77. Do you have any info on how a someone could find out about the well-being of a relative on the Island?

  78. For those in NYS ny.gov and the National Guard are in charge of the massive shipments out of the Javits Center. THe site has a list of all the drop off sites in NYS. Don’t forget pet food and bug repellent!
    By the way, phones are working in PR! I got calls tonight! yeah!

  79. Veronica, Thank you so much for compiling this information. It is extremely helpful to all of us trying to do what we can for our families and friend in the island and to synchronize efforts! JT

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  83. Annie Kovalesky

    Any donation centers near Columbus, OH?

  84. Cynthia Gross Alvarez

    An excellent resource. Thank you!

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  86. Thank you for this! I’m curious to see that The Sato Project is not on this list, based in Yabucoa. They are also running out of food and the vet practices & volunteers they work with we’re all seriously impacted by storm damage. https://www.thesatoproject.org/hurricane

    • We need people like you to highlight this!! I will add the Sato Project. I had not seen they started a fundraiser. thank you!

      • Charlene Swift

        Thank you for adding them, and for this great list! (They do amazing work, and they are currently organizing a transport of 60 dogs from PR to NYC on Friday – tomorrow.) Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I am pissed off and *disgusted* by this administration’s lack of timely real action to help people in PR. I also just read that people who are evacuating PR (by plane) are being issued promissory notes to hold them responsible to PAY for their flight out! Knowing that this president has left PR holding the debt of his bankrupted golf resort on the island makes me even more outraged. So – thank you and everyone who is doing something to help!

  87. https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/puerto-rico-real-time-recovery-fund
    I donated to this fund right after Irma. Have you heard anything about it?
    Thank you for your work!

    • Yes! ConPRmetidos is working really really hard. I am working on ways to show what the help is doing but it’s really challenging at the moment. Thank you for supporting them!

  88. Hello,
    Anything in North Carolina?

  89. William Johnson

    I want to go to Puerto Rico put boots on the ground and help who do I get a hold of

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  92. Lesléa Newman

    I am trying to make a donation via PayPal for Save a Gato and the Humane Society as listed above but the PayPal link doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions?

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  94. What about
    Is that a reliable source?

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  96. Pingback: Anonymous

  97. Debbie Guerrero

    Please add:



    We have a 3 big drop off events happening this weekend in Charlotte,NC and Concord,NC along with many drop off collections sites.

    This community effort sent our first plane out yesterday from Concord Regional Airport to San Juan.

    • Did you email the person on the spreadsheet? We now have a page just for drop-off donations! you should be on that list.

  98. Can you please add https://www.worldcentralkitchen.org/donate They’re doing amazing work with #ChefsForPuertoRico. This is Jose Andres’ organization.

  99. Can you post the contact for
    Solidarity Brigade in Puerto Rico (West Coast)

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